Dulce - Crema di Ricotta Recipe

Dulce - Crema di Ricotta Recipe

Bronze medal winner in the NZ Specialist Cheese Association!!!

So this is the recipe that I sent off - whenever I give away recipe that I have written, to someone else, I almost unwittingly send it with a little 'god-speed' kind of a wish, that it provides enjoyment to everyone as it is handed on.....  and that it finds new and fun ways to evolve.

Crema di Ricotta

This is perfect for filling cannoli - or anywhere you might use cream or marscapone with a dessert, or even just served with fruit.

2 litres of Full Cream milk (non homogenised)
500ml Cream
150ml fresh lemon juice
powdered sugar

In a double boiler slowly heat the milk and cream a few degrees every minute or so, until you are just under a simmer - stir it occasionally and gently just so that no skin forms on the top.
Once at this temperature - add a little of the lemon juice and stir in, keep adding small amounts of the lemon juice (you may not need all of it) until you start to split your milk - a very soft split - think 'small pillowy clouds' not full hard curds.

Tip into a muslim lined sieve and wait for the whey to drain through (do not throw this away as it makes amazing pancakes and scones).

Then tip your 'curds' into a bowl add the salt and sugar to taste and beat with a slotted spoon - looking for a slightly less lumpy / curdy appearance.

Then place back in the muslin cloth and sieve and sit it over a bowl in the fridge overnight.
This will last for several weeks - as I have newly found - and just 'ages' gently.

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