Blackbean Beef Stirfry

Blackbean Beef Stirfry

The two essentials of arriving home late from a busy day - are an easy / quick dinner and good glass of wine...

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Got a request or two for this recipe - and this is actually one of my 'go-to's for a really busy day, often when I know I'm not going to be home til late... So, the day prior I slice and marinate the beef (and may even pre-cut the veggies) so that when I walk in the door - I can throw this in the pan and pour a glass of wine - te Pa Pinot Noir pictured here goes perfectly (not a paid post by the way!! But they have sent wine in the past which I loved - so now I buy it) 

The beauty of this recipe is that you can use your own quantities to taste. Extra veggies, Extra black bean or Extra beef - up to you - make it to your taste.


Ingredients: Beef, Onion, Veggies, Black Bean Sauce, Minced Garlic, Sprouts

Beef - (if you are going to marinade a day ahead - use any cut you want - on the day use a slightly more tender cut of beef) slice into strips.

Minced Garlic - I always use fresh garlic - except here - the Vitamin C they use to preserve the minced garlic is a primo meat tenderiser (my genius tip).  About 1 tsp per 150g meat.

Black Bean Sauce - I use the Exotic Foods brand (standard pantry item in our house) - but any will do.

Veggies - I use sliced onion, and then any combination of peas, capsicum, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, carrot - anything really - use what you have and/or like the most - this is one of the beauties of this recipe. (sometimes I don't make rice or noodles - I just increase the amount of veggies)

Day prior - slice the beef (you can pretty much use any cut, just make sure you cut across the grain) add the minced garlic and black bean sauce - stir through cover and pop in the fridge. I sometimes precut my veggies.

Heat oil in a pan - add the wide sliced onion and let it soften - turn up the heat and add the beef - sizzle for a moment and then add the veggies - I used broccoli and peas - but stick with your favourites, it really doesn't matter too much (capsicums are really good in this).

Serve over rice - or noodles (or not) and a handful of fresh sprouts on top - grab your wine and chill.


Kina Alfredo

Kina Alfredo

FEASTS by Sabrina Ghayour

FEASTS by Sabrina Ghayour