FEASTS by Sabrina Ghayour

FEASTS by Sabrina Ghayour


Was delighted to get a sneak peak at this book - her others Persiana and Sirocco are both beautiful and laden with gorgeous Middle Eastern recipes.

This is her best one yet.. the recipes simply sing with flavour.  I have taken a few for a 'test-drive' and still have a book full of post it notes, of things to try, as the Middle Eastern ingredients come into season here in New Zealand - Roasted Apricots with ricotta, honey and pistachio crunch is first on that list, and could well be breakfast!!

I read Nigellas review  and I shouldn't have... at least not until I had written mine, she said everything I have to say so succinctly and now I have to draw on a few literary skills to find the right words - to say the same thing!!!       "Every page just belts out flavour!" Nigella

Anyway - a quick preview of the recipes I have made so far (if you follow my Instagram account you would have seen this happening over the last week or so). All really straight-forward with excellent results.


Spiced Rhubarb and Almond Cake - I was drawn to this recipe because, well, I always have rhubarb in the garden, and any new recipe using it is up is a god-send!  THIS recipe though is an absolute keeper - it's moist, rich and a dense fluffy-ness like a really good carrot cake.  As you can see my almond slivers were substituted for almond flakes here - so the recipe withstands a little tweaking.  The rhubarb is not a dominant flavour - it is beautifully balanced with ginger, cinnamon and almonds.


Pan-roasted Peppers with a sweet harissa glaze.....Okay - I had to make this because I always make a pepper recipe of my Nonna's called 'Agri Dolci' which is like a sweet and sour peppers - literally softening the peppers (and onions if you want) in a pan and adding honey and balsamic.  This recipe though, takes my childhood favourite one step further - think warm cumin, cinnamon and harissa... enough said.  this is one of those recipes that you 'over make' because the peppers cold are just about better than the freshly cooked version, and adding them to any sort of cold cut sandwich or hotdog... is well... just heaven.


Spiced Chai-frosted Cupcakes - this is a fluffy light spiced chai latte in a cupcake.  Using your favourite aromatic tea as the base for the flavour in both the cupcake and the icing, then adding a little cinnamon and ginger to warm it up a little more... these gave my school-lunch baking a next level result.

This third book from Sabrina is completely delicious from beginning to end, and just begs you to want to cook from it.

Off to make the Tamarind sticky ribs.....

Blackbean Beef Stirfry

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