Food Show 2017

Food Show 2017

Meeting the people behind the brands is my favourite part of the show, products that I have bought, been sent, or seen on social media, suddenly come alive when you meet the people behind it all.  They are fun, sometimes goofy (check my insta stories for evidence) but also passionate and very very hardworking.

They love meeting you... telling you something about their world.


These were some of my 'new finds' Raptor Rubs - I think I tried the chicken rub.  Olive Lady - try the pickled Peppers.  I Press Juices - pure Rockmelon juice - was such a throwback to summer! and Macy and Taylor have this amazing range of pretzel bites and real vege crisps - actual vegetables - beetroot, parsnip and carrot. 

Its an up close and personal experience with some of the New Zealand food heroes!!!!!

Meil Meyer from Meyer Cheese, second generation cheesemaking family based in the Waikato - in his spare time is the Chair of the New Zealand Specialist Cheese Association, Dan from Wild Fennel Co. a former chef with an amazing tattoo about Salt - just ask (apparently his wife designed the packaging - which I LOVE) .... Danielle from The Pie Piper was making an apple pie as we interrupted to photograph donuts, Sophie Gray editor of Food Magazine was chatting away while making some puff pastry treats... Oh and the Goodbuzz Kombucha with their new flavour of 'raspberry and lemon'  has just bumped my previous favourite 'feijoa' off its perch.

Go meet them, before they disappear back off to the corners of New Zealand.

Recommendations: these are kinda like 'travel tips'

Comfy shoes, strong bag... and some cash -  while most (actually all) stalls have EFTPOS, it sometimes easier to have cash, especially if the stall is busy and you have the correct change.

Taste EVERYTHING, talk to the actual makers / owners - there are lots of products that you see in the stores - this is your opportunity to see if you really like them, because we all know that you can't judge a book by tis cover.... although there is some pretty amazing packaging out there.

There is a coat check out in the main foyer - if your bag is weighing you down - you can 'coat check' it for coin donation and pick it up at the end - best bargain!!

Magazine Subscriptions - I (now) always renew subscriptions at the show, its usually cheaper and they come with great goodie bags.  Dish, Taste and Food Magazine were all there with great deals on subscriptions.

Check out the timetable and arrange your day accordingly (or time when you think you might have a little rest) - there are some great free cooking demonstrations. Showcasing  "some of New Zealand's top culinary talent share their secrets on cooking fabulous meals at home."

Watch your favourite gastronomic stars step up to the plate, including Annabel Langbein, Simon Gault, Michael Van de Elzen, Annabelle White, Ray McVinnie, Nici Wickes and more, in the Cooking Theatre in Auckland.


The deals were great this year - some absolute bargains - I really could have left with three times the amount of goodies than I actually left with.

I was going to provide a list of some of the must have deals... but Georgie has blogged the THEEEE most amazing list (at the bottom of her blog) of all the deals to be had so Im just gonna link it... check it out here

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