My Foodie Bucket List

My Foodie Bucket List

At the beginning of last year - I was overwhelmed with FOMO - watching everyone look up Genies Foodie Bucket list and their draw up their own.

Well with a list of 'Renovating To-Do's' longer than I had the energy for, I had to let it go - but it has been quietly sitting in the back of my mind begging to be written - I  mentioned it to another blogger, who had done one, and was advised that it then became a nuisance - sitting there needing to have things ticked off.  But I have been doing things on the unwritten list anyway.

I have always had a list - just never on paper, and whenever an opportunity to do something on the unwritten list arose - I always took it.  Sometimes not in the form I imagined.  This list is not finite - there will be additions...

So here we go...

Have my herb & vege garden sustain my family for a whole month - without them noticing (I have to master potatoes to do this )

Visit Annabel Langbeins Vege garden (I'm not sure how to do this without appearing like a stalker) but its on the list.

Cold smoke butter (and salmon) (actually a bunch of things...) I wonder what cold smoked fennel or carrots would taste like?

Grow a Cocao or vanilla vine in my greenhouse

Make a really good blue cheese - gorgonzola dolce

Wild Foods Festival - yes I know right - shoulda done it by now....

Op shop crawl for vintage kitchen stuff

Make Bagels (or Pretzels) 

Attend a Tea tasting

Attend a coffee tasting, - for that matter!!

Eat an insect

Learn to toss pizza dough in the air (and still be able to make pizza from it)

Go Truffle hunting - and eat the truffle...

Make Vodka Gummy Bears

Keep a Ginger Beer Bug

Have water as my only drink for an entire month

Make a White Hot Chocolate

Make Tofu

Eat (and learn how to make) kaanga pirau

Make Monkey Bread

Learn to identify a bunch of edible fungi

Cook and eat some foraged fungi

Same as the above 2 but for seaweed

Make a gingerbread house

Take a cooking class in another country

Get a beehive

Visit a Cranberry bog

Hold a mid-winter xmas with all the trimmings

Visit an oyster farm

Learn how to lay a Hangi

Have friends over for said Hangi

Attend a cheese festival in another country

Learn how to make Taroi

Nose-to-Tail a pig - including a prosciutto

Bracu Lunch

Bracu Lunch

The Garden Shed

The Garden Shed