Nomad - a wonderful food journey....

Nomad - a wonderful food journey....

Nomad is a new addition to the restaurant scene and it's in 'Point Chev' this could easily become a cherished destination!!  We were invited by Zomato and taken on a wonderful journey through the menu.

The name of a restaurant - more often than not - has personal meaning,  and Nomad is no different here.  Dictionary definition - being along the lines of..  a person (or people I guess) that travel from place to place with no permanent home - historically I think to graze animals, but please don't quote me!!

Understanding the story of a Nomad helps in noticing the nuances of the menu.

They have taken a subtle version of the Nomad,  and presented a menu that takes you on a food journey - with respect shown for fresh, local and in-season, but weaving a story through the dishes from other cultures, with just little additions and twists ....

The Duck Liver Parfait with zataar, parmesan crumb, date gel and warm baguette - is the first example of what I was trying to explain, where a little twist of middle eastern influence being the date gel a delightfully sweet twist, and the zataar - a really zingy mix of thyme, sumac and sesame seeds.

Lamb Dumplings - chimi churri, labne, jus.  The chimi churri was a lovely light combination of (I think but not 100%) parsley garlic olive oil and oregano? and the labne was incredibly fresh and light.

If you would like a little saunter through the menu - keep reading.... although the pictures speak volumes....

The garlic bread was the first to catch my attention - and I know that seems like an ordinary thing to do this - when faced with so much else - but it was noticeably good - on mentioning it we were told about the 'imported pizza maestro' and pointed in the direction of the substantial wood fired pizza oven - it really didn't surprise me - I already subconsciously realised that this was made by someone with bit of a talent for it.


Chargrilled Octopus - red chilli caviar, caper vinaigrette, oregano.


Market Fish Ceveche with namjim, grapefruit, crispy shallots - and intriguingly garnishied with deep fried fennel.  

The namjim was the perfect salty, sweet, spicy, sour that a dipping sauce should be.


Beef Tartare - hot mustard parfait, gherkin, onion, and toasts


Scallops with Pork Belly and nectarine jam - was not a combination I would naturally have thought of - but worked like a charm!

Iceburg lettuce served with a middle Eastern spice blend, celery salt, red pepper aioli and tomato powder.

Baby Beet Salad - tomino, watercress, candied walnuts and orange textures.  The little scatterings of tomino (super fresh and soft)  with sweet baby beets is a classic combination the candied walnuts just perfect.

Twice Cooked Duck with pickled fennel.  Comfort, warmth and masses of flavour.

Lamb Rump and Rack - pea salad, truffle mascarpone.  Even in the photo you can see what I am about to describe... perfectly cooked lamb and the waft of truffle... just pure luxury.

24-Hour Prime Rib - horseradish mascarpone, onion rings and jus.  The steak was by far the choice of the entire table - unassuming in the pictures - but melt in your mouth.

Chocolate Fondant with salted caramel ice-cream ...  need I say more!!

and a deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie , lemon curd, freeze dried blackberries and raspberries....

verdict....   well played - well done!!

 Pickles and Chutneys or Vegetables - both by Digby Law

Pickles and Chutneys or Vegetables - both by Digby Law

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