Vinomofo with Grilled Cheese

Vinomofo with Grilled Cheese


I was going to write a blog post about my delivery of Vinomofo wines in the form of a wine and cheese match,  Usually you can't go wrong with a subject like wine and cheese - meeeh.. well... no you can't - but as you know, you can hit a wine match out of the park with grilled cheese.  When I actually met these guys.... way cooler than your average wine and cheese.  These guys and their wine selections literally begged (metaphorically only) to be teamed with Grilled Cheese - you know, where the flavours are 'knock you out of the park' and have a crazy amount of fun while you're out there - unexpected, and waaaaay removed from any old school cliche.  So binned the basic cheese idea.

Theres a lot of trepidation when it comes to pairing wine with food, or cheese, so skip the heartache of all the connisuours rules and make a few of you own.

Half (actually most) of the fun is figuring it out ... so this is my rule   "1 + 1 = 3".    And that works like this...  When there is a great tasting wine, and you will already have a favourite, really great, grilled cheese, individually.... but knowing how to pair them is the enigma.  Cutting it all back to basics -  you know when you get the combination right - its like lightening has struck them BOTH - they both  taste better from the presence of the other.  That is the basis of the perfect match.  You can read all you like on the topic and work really hard at construing a combination, but its one of those things that when it is right - you don't need someone else to tell you. You are lost in that moment and time stands still ...

You can never have one without the other again.

Pinot Gris & The Summer Toastie

Ricotta, lightly grilled tomatoes & thyme with Haha Pinot Gris - "gentle floral appeal on the nose, flowing into flavours of pear and quince with a touch of oiliness and a rich texture, finishing with a crisp clean, dry finish."

Shiraz & The Lobster

Shredded lobster & melted smoked harvarti with the Ulithorne Unicus - " Hand Picked, Hand Plunged, Basket Pressed x Plums, Black Currants & touch of Cedar x A special parcel of Shiraz that stands alone" 

Thousand Candles & Double Cheese

Kikorangi blue, winter pear & brie with Thousand Candles - "Leaping out of the glass with violets, exotic spice, black fruits and fresh liquorice straps, scaffolded around a mouth-embracing structure of wonderfully fine tannins"

Shiraz and the Fiesty Anchovy

Anchovy, gouda & brioche melt with Art of War Shiraz - "Its dark, reminiscent of christmas cake as ripe plums and black fruits dominate the palate with fine tannin and spice to support"

Reisling and The Florentine

Spinach, sweet pepper & gorgonzola dolce with Fanny Lime Head Riesling - "the aroma features lemon, lime and a hint of musk.  The palate explodes with freshly cut green apples and subtle layers of tropical fruit by way of lychees and peach.  Its a fresh and crisp mouthfeel with a long, persistent finish."

Pinot Noir and Granny

Sharp cheddar & granny smith with Schist Hills Pinot Noir - "Gorgeous notes of dark berry, game truffle and spicy oak combined with supple texture"

You now have 6 perfectly matched grilled cheese, with some really interesting wines.... You can take one of these combos, or you can go make your own.

There is a lot more research to be done here - so feel free - grilled cheese combos are up to you but heres the link for the Vinomofo guys.  

There are no mistakes here - only experiments. I do it all the time!! and these are some of my favourites.

Asparagus - growing your own....

Asparagus - growing your own....

The Herald and the KFC recipe.... tested!!!

The Herald and the KFC recipe.... tested!!!