Russian Pashka - honestly - cheesecake on steroids - is the best way to describe this one and it fits with the raw food philosophy...  This recipe and article showcases Zany Zeus in the Cheese Culture corner of Eatmag - as they are, one of the pre-eminent fresh cheese makers in New Zealand.

Check out the full story here on page 22 of Eatmag

Marco Edwardes was the perfect host for my day trip to Waiheke Island - I will be writing a little something about the places we 'stopped by' a little later in my blog - lots of great pictures too - but in the meantime this dish - featuring his neighbour Azzuro Oil - is on the menu at the beautiful vineyard -  Te Whau....

Read a little more about it here on page 10 of Eatmag.

This is the simplest recipe ever for Aged Cheese Crisps just click to the magazine link below to read my article....

Artisan Cheesemaker - Mercer cheese - page 26 of issue 6


This gorgeous little ensemble is made with Sunset Blue from Kingsmeade Artisan Cheeses and the story unfolds in Eatmag .....

Read the full article in Issue 4 of Eatmag here

Italian cheeses are famous worldwide - this is an article for about Italian Cheesemakers that have settled here in Auckland, and brought all their heritage with them in the form of an outstanding Scamorza Affumicata

Read about these Italian cheese-makers here in issue 3 of Eatmag

It is nothing short of poetry to see a great chef find an true artisan ..... and in this case Glen File - Head Chef at one of Aucklands darling restaurants - Baduzzi, found heirloom tomato grower Epicurian at the Hawkes Bay Farmers market, and the rest is history…..

Read the full article here in issue 1 of Eatmag