Tomato Sauce -  'mums'

Tomato Sauce - 'mums'

That would be my 'nonna' talking about her mother making this recipe from their garden  grown tomatoes back in Napoli....  so essentially my great grand-mothers tomato sauce recipe.

I have to say, that I have made a dozen litres of this sauce already over summer (our winter stockpile) and I have had this recipe ready to go, sitting on my computer, but  I am struggling a little with this project...  I want to create some longevity for these amazing heirloom recipes, and keeping them alive by sharing them, (especially as so many seem to have been given to her) but it is actually, also very difficult.  Not just that each recipe has an abundance of memories, but it is far more personal than I thought, I know its not the same, but It's like setting something free, that I want to keep.  It doesn't make sense to me so I can't expect it to make sense to you!!!) So suffice to say I hadn't done anything with this one, partly because the memories are very strong.

Then yesterday I was reading an article from fairfax media and well it seemed pivotal to my project - and perhaps serendipity - I won't know until I make the phone call.  The article was about Salve Toscano, growing his tomatoes from a seed smuggled from Stomboli 80 years or so ago - well, this is where my "Poppa" hails from, and the family home is still there - this is part of the adventure - to make the sauce this year I have religiously grown all the tomatoes my self (over 40 plants.. which for future reference is a little more than necessary) but I have known there to be Stomboli tomatoes in New Zealand - except I thought they were grown by someone in the South Island....  so later today perhaps I may call Salve (yes his number is in the white pages).  It is very weird that this requires courage?!

Anyway I remember the sauce being made in large batches and bottled into large old brown beer quart bottles, with a shiny new, gold beer cap on top, and being stored in the cool, dark, garden shed until required.

3.6kg of ripe Tomatoes
750 ml of Vinegar (I have used malt or balsamic)
113g Salt
15g White pepper

15g Ground Cloves
7g  Cayenne pepper
7g Allspice
2 large Onions
900g Brown Sugar
2 'nice' cooking Apples (I used Granny Smith)

Method: Core and chop the Tomatoes, Apples and Onions then with all the other ingredients and put them all in a large saucepan (jam pan if you have one) and gently boil for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Strain through a colander, and bottle while it is still hot.  Completely legendary sauce - make a small batch and see for yourself.

This old recipe book.........

This old recipe book.........

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